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Crowdsourcing ist nun offiziell

Autor des Artikels: Matias Roskos

Crowdsourcing gibt es als Wort nun auch ganz "offiziell". Im Oxford English Dictionary.

"Crowdsourcing," "mouseover," "big data," "redirect" and "e-reader" are among the tech terms that made the cut in this year's version of The Oxford English Dictionary, while "follower" and "tweet" will be given expanded definitions to accommodate their associations with Twitter.

The tech terms are among 1,200 words out of a total of 823,000. In a blog post announcing the new entries, the OED acknowledges that it has been using crowdsourcing techniques since the 19th century, but has only now seen fit to include the word. According to the dictionary's editors, that term was coined by Jeff Howe in Wired in 2006.

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