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So gut kann Crowdsourcing sein – wunderbarer Werbeclip für Nokia

Autor des Artikels: Matias Roskos

Dieser Nokia-Werbeclip entstand via Crowdsourcing. Und kein geringerer als Spike Lee saß mit in der Jury, die diesen Sieger kürte.

“Anything that gives young people the chance to show what they can do is important,” he said. “Historically, institutions try to keep everything on lockdown.”

Lee reckons the UGC revolution has further to run, too.

“We’re going to come to a time very soon where … I’ll be paying whatever it costs to go to a theatre and see a film that was shot on a regular digital phone,” he predicted.

Rather than seeing this as a threat, Lee says that agencies should embrace the mass of untapped talent out there - not least in this time of budget cuts.

“The economy is down the toilets. Everybody is affected by this. To be able to survive, we have to turn negatives into positives. Maybe you don’t hire me because I cost a lot of money and you give some young talented and hungry guy a shot. I just talked myself out of some jobs [but] that’s the reality.”

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